Travis Richie- is a headstrong but down to earth student in Undercover Operatives University, he was drafted to Squad A as yellow ranger. He is appointed as field leader for being a strategic thinker, even though he's smart, he lacks proficiency with computers. He always look out for his friends. He can mimic voices. His have the genetic ability of replication.

Brie Samuels -is a sarcastic, militaristic and competitive weapon specialist who have soft spot for , she was assigned as red ranger, making her the first ever female red ranger by timeline. She have fascination with weapons. She developed a love-hate relationship with Travis. Her genetic ability is super strength.

Mikee Drewford- is the team's shy technical expert, chosen to be Squad A's blue ranger. He often serves as the peace maker between Travis and Brie. He possesses the genetic ability of telepathy.